Journal #13

I am really proud of all the projects I have successfully completed in my class. I felt like I really learned a lot more about knowing Photoshop and using the tools in Photoshop to my advantage than I ever did when I took a Graphic Design class in high school during my senior year and I didn’t understand Photoshop at all. I am really grateful that I got the opportunity to take this class.


What I didn’t like at first but then started loving- Blog Post #2- 2D Design



The image that I chose is an implied lines and triangle piece. I chose this piece because at first when I took 2D Design class at the start of this semester I never heard of implied lines till we learned about it in class and I started using implied lines and triangles in one of my pieces and then I got accustomed to loving and drawing them.

Journal #12

I finished my WWF collage project a few days ago and it turned out pretty good. I can’t wait for you all to see it as soon as I post it on here c:. I’m looking forward to doing the case study on Monday so I can be finished with this class and apply everything I have learned about using Photoshop to other aspects of my career path in animation.

Journal #10

I chose the concept for my collage project which is a non profit organization called WWF (World Wildlife Fund) which helps protect and save endangered animals from extinction, hunting, illegal fishing, and helps save and protect the environment from climate change, water and air pollution, global warming, and deforestation.